Sunday, 25 March 2018

Pushchair Walk - Entwistle Reservoir

It's freeezzzing cold but the worst of the snow has finally cleared and the temperatures nudged above zero so it's time for baby Pickle's first adventure.

I need to to take some time to build my postnatal fitness so I've reached for this book.  I much prefer to use a sling instead of a pram but these pushchair walks tend to be quite easy going without much in the way of bogs, styles or big hills, perfect for getting back into the swing of things.  

This 3 km stroll around a reservoir is just the thing to start with.  The path is wide and flat with no need to navigate.

A little art at the half way point.

And here's the grey and dismal view from the opposite side.

I really should have walked a little closer, you can just about see one of the many reasons I babywear, even on a walk like this, the recent storms had brought down a large tree which was completely blocking the otherwise accessible path.

But with Little Pickle snuggled up nice and warm I just climbed over the tree branches.

I'm hoping to get a fair few more of these walks under my belt over the coming months.  I'm sure I'll get bored of them when I eventually build up my fitness levels but for now, nice and easy is the order of the day.

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