Sunday, 16 July 2017

Our Montessori Bathroom

I was surprised how quick and easy it was to adapt our bathroom so that our toddler can reach everything she needs.  I was anticipating having to destroy our wooden furniture with cup hooks and the like.  

Until I saw this in IKEA.  It's secured to the shown screen with suction hooks so there's no holes to repair when Little Miss grows out of it.  Plus it can be re-purposed elsewhere when she's old enough to reach the bathroom storage herself.  

Her toothbrush and toothpaste which are still out of her reach because Little Miss loves to brush her teeth and would do it all day long if she had constant access to her toothbrush.

I also got her this tap extender which was very cheap.  It's a flexible piece of plastic that fits over the tap and directs the flow of water further out so Little Miss can reach it by herself.  

It has revolutionised hand washing ah ehm I mean water play . . .

I've switched to a solid bar of soap so that there's no chance of Little Miss using up a full bottle of our usual liquid soap.    

And of course a step stool that Little Miss can use to reach the sink - I was a bit late getting it and she learnt to use the toilet instead - we're working on that!!

All in change out of £20 to help Little Miss to brush her own teeth, wash her own face, hands and when she's ready she'll be able to learn to brush her own hair.  

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