Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Cheese and Onion Pie Recipe

This gut busting heart attack on a plate is hubster's favourite.  Normally I would turn my nose up at serving such an unhealthy meal but it's the hubster's birthday today so he's getting his way.  

This recipe is cobbled together from hubby's vague directions along with a few tweeks of my own.

Spuds, peeled, chopped and put on to boil.  

Onions, finely chopped.

And garlic also finely chopped.  

Lightly fried until soft but not brown.  

That's 900g of plain flour for the pastry - one of the very few things I actually weigh out.

And 400g of butter / margarine.  The quantities can be adjusted to suit but they do need to stay in proportion - both halved / quartered / doubled etc.  

Mixed in my lovely Kenwood mixer.

After 10 mins of the machine's hard work and I've got this.

Which is easily rolled out into this.  

Note that I've hardly needed any flour on my board.  The quantities of flour and fat are in the perfect proportions to produce a dough that rolls out beautifully, usually without any added water or flour.  Very occasionally, if the dough isn't binding well I add a splash of cold water.  If it's sticking to the rolling surface I sprinkle a very light dusting of flour.

I use the pastry to line an oven proof pie dish.  

The spuds should be well boiled by now.  They get a good mashing.  

The onions and garlic are chucked in.  

A really good dollop of mustard - this happens to be dijion because that's what was languishing in the cupboard.  

Cheese, cheese and more grated cheese.  It's doesn't have to be two colours, the supermarket had sold out of the white cheddar I usually get so I made do with the coloured stuff.  

A good mix and a taste test of course.  Just remember - "little pickers wear bigger knickers!"

Fill the pie dish with filling.  

And top with more pastry.  

As usual I forgot all about the glaze until the last minute.  It's worth doing, it's what makes the pastry all lovely and golden.

Sometimes I just use milk, sometimes I mix a little milk into a whisked egg and sometimes I just use a whisked egg.  It depends what I have to hand and how much I need.  

The glaze gets generously brushed on top of the pie.  

This will get popped into the oven for about 40 minutes at about 180 degrees centigrade.  

And here it is served with chippy chips and beans - 'cause it's that's what the hubster wanted.


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