Friday, 16 June 2017

Burda 9828 Dinosaur Jumper Sewing Project

Isn't this fabric just adorable?!  Little Miss loves it so much she wants to wear this jumper all the time even though it's still ridiculously too big for her.  

I'm a ding bat and missed what should have been the first step - fold front and back neck bands length-ways right sides together.  Stitch narrow edges, trim and turn right side out.  Thankfully this fleece isn't prone to fraying and so I've mostly got away with it.  

I jumped straight into pinning the neckband in place and pressing the shoulder facings over it.  

And then the back neck band.

With the shoulder seams pinned in place (the snaps had to wait until after nap time) I set in the sleeves.

Then the side and sleeve seams.

Finishing with the hems.

Really nice and straightforward all in all, however this pattern packs a lot into one package meaning that there's not much space for detailed explanations and there's a lot of bouncing around referring to previously mentioned views.  So whilst this is a simple sweater it was only simple to follow because I've already made some very similar Burda T Shirts that use the same techniques.  

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  1. So cute! Wish I had a little one to sew for.

  2. Very cute indeed - no wonder your little one loves it!!

  3. Super easy and super cute! Thanks for sharing!