Saturday, 6 May 2017

Burda 9408 Sewing Project - Orange T Shirt with Shoulder Snaps

I love that this pattern can also be used for a plain and simple T Shirt with the option of short of long sleeves.  

This is to go with a dress I'll be making later on so I'm making it without the optional applique.  This fabric doesn't have quite enough stretch to skip the shoulder snaps, so I'm making it up according to the pattern instructions.  

The neckbands are folded in half right sides together.  Sewn at the ends, trimmed, turned and pressed.

Pinned onto the neck edge right sides and raw edges together.

I've run the inner and lower edges of the interfacing through the overlocker to neaten them before stitching them onto the shoulders.  

All turned to the right side and well pressed.  (This view shows the wrong side, the interfacing is pressed to the wrong side of the T Shirt front.)

Underlaps next, pressed wrong sides together with the raw edges to the shoulder seam.  

And the back neck band just the same as the front.

All neatly pressed - ish.

Before setting in the sleeves I've pinned the underlap and interfacing together.  The pattern advises applying the snaps instead at this point, but Little Miss was sound asleep in the next room so there was no way I was getting my hammer out!

Sleeves pinned in place ready for sewing.  

I've overlocked the hems and sleeves then pressed them up before top stitching the hems in place last of all.  

Finally the sleeve and side seams.  

And here's the finished article.  A little on the baggy side as yet, but I'm sure there's a growth spurt on the horizon so it's a good thing.  

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