Saturday, 29 April 2017

Sewing Project - Burda 9412 Dress in Fox Cotton

This dress isn't quite as simple as it looks.  I didn't notice it was lined until after I bought the pattern, I was looking for a very simple summer dress or top I could churn out a few times.  I also failed to notice the pleat which I generally feel makes a dress look shapeless, not an issue for a toddler but it somehow doesn't sit right with me.  

But I'd bought the dress and fabric so away I sewed . . . 

Pleat first.  

Here it is from the front.  

Then this little tab that covers the top of the pleat.  Edges folded in . . 

Then sewn in place.  

Shoulder seams next.  

And the lining too.  

Then the neck and shoulder seams are gathered.  

The lining is sewn in place and the edges notched.

It's turned through one shoulder.  

And finally the hem.  

It wasn't as complicated as I anticipated.  It actually came together surprisingly quickly and I was chuffed to bits with the result.  

Little Miss finished her nap just as I was finishing up and she took an interest in it so I tried it on her before sewing the buttons in place.  She delighted me by refusing to take it off!

Here it as ready for it's first outing after I'd sewn the buttons on.  

I hate the way the back of the dress is left open.  It got in my daughter's way and ended up looking scruffy - not to mention putting her nappy on display everytime she sat down!  So I slip stitched the opening closed.

I will be making this again, the tunic version next time, but I'll be sewing the two back pieces together on the fabric and lining then hemming them as two separate pieces.  I found it a real pain to neaten the back of the two hems at the point they joined.  

But overall I'm really pleased and looking forward to making it again - I have some awesome fabric in mind!

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