Saturday, 8 April 2017

Kwik Sew 3510 Sewing Project - Pyjamas in Navy Polka Dot

This is my second project with this pattern and this time I'm going to do the short sleeved shirt and shorts for summer night wear.

I've just bought this gorgeous navy polka dot stretch jersey and I'm pairing it with an old white baby grow for contrast.

Initially I did make this with the frilly edges according to the instructions but it looked terrible!!  I'm sure it was a combination of my limited skills with my overlocker and the lack of stretch in the fabric.  I love the cuffs on the longer version so I've used the same technique again.

Next time I make this pattern I'll make the trimmings twice the width as on the pattern.

Shoulder seams first.

Then the neck band.  

It takes a lot of pins!!

Then the sleeves are set in.

Sleeve and side seams next.

The sleeve and hem trim is applied in the same way as for the neck band.  The pattern suggests overlocking the raw edge and applying them as simple trim.  I just couldn't get it to look right.  

The pants starts with the front and back seams followed by the crotch seam - there isn't much leg seam on the shorts.  

I've folded and pressed the top and the legs.  

A loop of elastic for the waist.  

The top is sewn in place trapping the elastic inside the casing.  

The leg hem is top stitched to hold it in place.  

The pattern suggests using more elastic here but I found this left the shorts so short they wouldn't neatly cover a cloth nappy.  Leaving off the elastic in the smaller sizes leaves a little more coverage.  

It also occurs to me that tight fitting clothing isn't the best idea for summer night wear.  Anything that has the slightest chance of reducing night waking gets my vote!!

And here's my Little Miss modelling the results.

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  1. Love your choice of polka dots. Thanks for sharing how you found the pattern. Yours have turned out great!