Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pork Paprikash Recipe

 In theory you should start with the meat but that means cleaning up before moving onto the veggies and I can't be bothered with the extra work.  So I'm starting with chopping and frying the veggies then doing the meat using the same utensils.

Stating with the onions, chopped and fried in a little oil.  They get slung in the slow cooker when they're soft and starting to brown.

Mushrooms next.  

Along with the spices.  


Make a paste from cornflour and water. 

Add to the pan along with a tin of mushroom soup.

And boil.  Then add it to the slow cooker.  

Chop the peppers and sling them in the slow cooker.

Next chop the pork.  Fry it in the same pan and add this to the slow cooker once it starts to brown.

Give it a good mix and leave it on low for the day.  

Add the sour cream just before serving otherwise it will curdle during cooking.  

Here it is served with home made chips.  

This recipe is inspired by this cook book:

As always I've completely ignored the quantities, scaled up to batch cook, used the ingredients I could source easily and cheaply and generally done my own thing with it.  If you prefer to follow a more detailed recipe I highly recommend the book.  

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