Sunday, 12 February 2017

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

A friend and I took a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.  I wasn't actually expecting Little Miss to get anything more from it than a nice day out somewhere new.  I was really surprised that she found loads of stuff that she could explore.

The first thing that really caught her eye were these awesome Golems.  There wasn't any information with them, they seemed a bit out of place to be honest, like part of an exhibit that belonged in another section.  But aren't they fabulous - Little Miss certainly thought so, we had to drag her away for them.

Amongst the displays with information about the textile trade in the area were some bales of raw cotton.  It was great to be able to show Little Miss this up close and personal.  A new texture and smell for her to explore.  She actually gave the bale a hug and kept going back to it.

Adjacent to the textile area there were several of these interactive displays designed to demonstrate the different properties of the different fabrics and fibres.  This one was showing how much air could pass through different fabrics.  Of course Little Miss had no concept of this but these displays were sturdy enough for her to explore and she certainly had fun investigating all the knobs.  

There was a whole section especially aimed at children.  All too old for Little Miss but it was great to let her have a little more free rein to run about and explore knowing she could touch anything.  

This picture was taken as she made a bee-line for the Wonder Materials section, where she had a nap.  Thankfully I'd taken a Ring Sling along so it was easy to pop her in so she could have a kip while we read about Graphene which was fascinating.  

She slept through the steam engines, which was a shame, she'd have enjoyed that.

And of course we stopped for coffee.  Yes, that is a coffee cup, yes I had finished it before filling it with water and letting Little Miss pinch it.  

The Air and Space Hall was a huge hit with Little Miss.  She was pointing at everything shouting "Good" which is her current method of showing approval.  

This wheelchair accessible motorbike was of particular interest to her.  

As was the donation box at the entrance.  

Entry to the museum is free, donations can be made online or at the museum.  We'll be going back at some point and I think we'll take Daddy and Grandad so they can oggle the engines.  

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