Thursday, 26 January 2017

Healthy Air Fried Chips Recipe

I've been taking  a break from batch cooking lately, the freezer is full and I'm feeling lazy.  So I've been putting my feet up and enjoying the fruits of my labour.

This is such a simple recipe I'm almost embarrassed to call it one.  But this makes the best chips and they're pretty guilt free.  In fact I probably use more fat in my mashed potatoes.

I leave the skins on, I could say this is because there's loads of extra vitamins in the skin, or I could admit that it's purely laziness.

Hubster has a bulky, complicated chip dicer thingy that needs biceps the size of erm, something big to operate.  Personally I have the chips chopped in less time than it takes him to unpack the blooming thing.

Chop in half lengthways.

Half again.

Cut once or twice more at an angle towards the centre of the base.

And repeat.

Then they get boiled until they're pretty much cooked but not over cooked like these!  I got distracted.  But it's OK, they'll still taste awesome.

Drain the cooked chips and add a good glug of oil.  Any oil will do, veg oil is cheaper, olive oil works well, whatever you have to hand.  Oils with added flavourings will do fab.

Add herbs and/or spices.

I'm using chip spice here simply because it was the first thing I saw on the spice rack.  Any herbs would work well, salt of course, pepper paprika, curry spice mix, chilli flakes, mustard . . .  I've been known to sling in that neglected last bit of condiment hubby bought and got bored of.

Give em a good toss to coat, I just put a lid on the pan and carefully turn it upside down.

Sling them in the airfryer.

Cook on high for about 20 minutes.  Give them a shake halfway through the cooking time.

And voila, despite my getting distracted scrummy, healthy chips.  On the table in about the same amount of time as oven chips.

An airfryer will set you back a pretty penny but it is SOOO worth it to have guilt free chips a few times a week.  They're also great for veggies - air fried mushrooms are to die for!  Anything you might like to fry but oven cook instead because it's healthier is quicker, easier and tastier in an airfryer, not to mention healthier than oven cooking.  We use ours more often than the kettle.

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