Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Bullet Journal - Gardening Calendar

I usually start thinking about gardening in February but for some reason my mind' turning to it early this year.  It's probably this lovely mild weather we're having at the moment - short lived I'm sure but it's getting me motivated.

As always I've started by digging out my seeds and for the first time in like forever, I don't need to buy any more.  My basil and parsley plants seem to have given up on life and they just happen to be the only two herb seed packets I have left.  

I always struggle with timings in my sowing, planting out and harvesting.  I start sowing indoors very early which is fine but for some plants it's way too early - then I wonder why they fail.  I always loose some crops because I've planted them out months too early.  And the tiny minority that make it to harvesting tend to rot on the plant because I've assumed harvesting is done for the year.

So this year will be different - famous last words!  I've copied the recommended sowing, planting out and harvesting times from the back of every seed packet and put hem in a chart.

On the left I've a list of my seeds with months across the top and then a section for notes.  I've squeezed the key on the end, red for sowing indoors, green for planting out, blue for sowing outdoors and yellow for harvesting.

Hopefully this will keep me on track but time will tell.

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